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As leaders in Industrial Services and Distribution, 4PL Solutions partners with our clients to truly understand your operations and determine your needs. With over 25 years in the industry, we pride ourselves on finding the most efficient solution at the most economical price.

Make Trenching and Shoring Simple With Our Help

4PL Solutions LLC is a proud supplier of Kundel production safety systems and products, delivering the results you want for your trenching and shoring projects. We have over 25 years of industrial supply experience. Check out the products we have in stock below, and give us a call for more information.

Kundel Shorelite Lite Trench Box

Make Spot Repairs Easy

The Shorelite Lite modular aluminum shielding/shoring system is built strong yet light enough to be assembled by hand. P. E. certified to meet OSHA requirements for shielding and shoring.


Easy Storage

Lightweight and modular, these panels can be stored in a small space and easily transported in a pickup truck or van.


Fast Assembly

Easy to assemble and fast to install. Single profile 2.5" stackable panels come 3' high and of various lengths. Two people can quickly build the Shorelite Lite without the assistance of a tractor backhoe. You also can make a 2, 3, or 4-sided system to suit your needs up to 12' tall and 7' long.


Accessories include:

  • Spreaders - Durable 3" Schedule 40 pipe

  • Durable Action Screw Strut - Screw out the struts in the trench for easy shoring. Easy to utilize and highly effective.

  • Wheel Kits - Suspend the shield and easily roll it along the channel's top.

  • Leg Kits - Clamps on the bottom of the end caps at each corner, giving you a 24" lift off the bottom of the trench.

  • Square Connectors - Can easily be attached to convert a two-sided box to a three-sided or four-sided box.


Kits come equipped with standard required connectors:

  • 3' tall kits require 4 spreaders, screw struts, or 8 square connectors

  • 6' tall kits require 6 spreaders, screw struts, or 12 square connectors


Manufactured by Kundel.

Shorelite Shield 2.5

Built strong for the ditch, but light to lift! The Shorelite Shield 2.5 is a trench box like contractors use but is light enough to lift and place in the trench with a tractor backhoe or mini excavator. Just pin the spreaders to the side walls.


Be ready to transport on your trailer, lift and drop into the trench and start working. Configure a trench box from a full line of options available that will meet your team's requirements. Once you stage the box on your trailer, you will be ready to take care of emergency repairs quickly.


Accessories include:

  • Steel tamping blocks

  • Rotating rigging points for uniform lifting

  • Movable sockets at multiple locations for better clearance

  • Stacking sockets allows fast and easy stacking

  • ShoreLite Shield Drop-On Adapter

  • Hooks onto any ShoreLite Shield panel, creating a drop on


Available in steel cutting bars to protect the bottom of the side wall.


Call 4PL Solutions LLC today for help configuring a Shorelite Shield that meets and exceeds your expectations. Our experienced staff is ready to help you with your questions.

V-Panel Box

The V-Panel is a trench box that is easy to lift and move around on the job site. Use the versatility of the movable shore panels to work around existing utilities or T-off from your main trench in safety. Protect your workers at each end of the box with variable-width durable panels. As a shoring system, the vertical panels stop ground movement to protect adjacent structures.


Features and Benefits:

  • OSHA Certified

  • Sliding clamped panel

  • Easy vertical adjustment around utilities

  • Easy to transport, assemble, and compact storage

  • Robust steel tamping pads and knife-edge at the top and bottom of the panel



Lightweight, durable extruded aluminum panels with a steel knife-edge at the bottom and a steel tamping block at the top. The clamping design allows for vertical movement of the panel in the trench.


Horizontal Frame

Aluminum wales combined with steel telescope end beams give you variable width adjustment.


Knife Edge

The all-steel knife edge allows you to cut smoothly into the soil, making driving the panels easy.

TuffGuy Box

The TuffGuy box is a one-of-a-kind aluminum shield with a patented pinless design. The TuffGuy shield makes modular shields practical again. The days of replacing missing pins and jammed fingers are over. With the TuffGuy shield's feature-packed enhancements, you will increase production and safety on your job. The TuffGuy Box can easily be broken down, and fit in any standard pickup.


Features and Benefits:

  • OSHA certified

  • NO pins

  • Easy transportation

  • Robust steel ends

  • Easy to assemble

  • Drag it, drive it, stack it

  • Light to lift

  • Stacking system

  • Modular components

  • Lifting lugs

  • Compact storage

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