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As leaders in Industrial Services and Distribution, 4PL Solutions partners with our clients to truly understand your operations and determine your needs. With over 25 years in the industry, we pride ourselves on finding the most efficient solution at the most economical price.

Hydraulic Jack Attachments & Accessories 

Turn to 4PL Solutions LLC for all the accessories and attachments you need for hydraulic jacks and TrenShor systems. We have the knowledge and expertise necessary to deliver the products you need.


Hydraulic Fluid

TrenShore Hydraulic fluid comes in both quarter or gallon bottles. Concentrated solutions are available as well. All Season fluid is available as well for the frigid months. The steel bucket pumps are equipped with all-steel fittings designed to withhold higher pressures. Each pump has a built-in steel protective guard for the pump's gauges.


Release and Removal Tools

For easy installation of hydraulic jacks in a trench, pick up one of our release tools for installation and a removal hook to remove your jack when your job/repair is finished. The release tool and removal tool both come in lengths of 30", 50", or 100" to allow you to safely place and remove your jacks from the edge of the trench.


Over-Sleeve Extensions

Another way to make your TrenShore system even more flexible is to get yourself a set of over-sleeve extensions. The sleeves are available for all cylinder systems from 22"/36" to 52"/88", with an added protection of 9" up to 72" in 9" increments.


A variety of TrenShor systems are available from 2' to 12'. Rails and cylinders come shipped in cardboard boxes partially assembled, making shipping faster and safer at a reduced rate. Call today for more information!


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